The Perfect Enemy | Letters: Why The Chronicle endorsing the re-election of Gov. Newsom is disappointing
July 1, 2022

Letters: Why The Chronicle endorsing the re-election of Gov. Newsom is disappointing

Letters: Why The Chronicle endorsing the re-election of Gov. Newsom is disappointing  San Francisco Chronicle

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Regarding “Four more years for Newsom” (Insight, May 22): I was surprised to read such an unqualified endorsement of Gov. Gavin Newsom. While I was impressed and hopeful about the governor’s early handling of the COVID crisis, his going unmasked at the French Laundry while asking many sacrifices of his constituents was very distressing to me. When he followed this by again appearing unmasked at a public event, he lost my vote.

His behavior shows an arrogance and a belief that rules he imposes don’t count for himself. I believe it is especially dangerous in these times of COVID but also when so many powerful people in politics have shown disregard for rules and laws.

I have not yet decided how to vote. For The Chronicle to not directly address this issue was a disappointment to me.

Carol Straforini, Richmond

High-speed rail’s killers

Regarding “Who killed state’s high-speed rail?” (Open Forum, May 23): Joe Mathews’ column is a sad reminder of one of the most monumental political, environmental and public-interest failures in the recent history of California.

So, who is killing high-speed rail? Not the people of California, a majority of whom continue to support it. The politicians in Sacramento, both Republicans and Democrats, are the main culprits, whose approach to the future of mass transit is myopic and who speak on both sides of their mouths on the environment. Gov. Gavin Newsom has no qualms about lavishing $400 on gas-powered car drivers, who pollute the air, instead of using a portion of the state’s historic surplus to fund this progressive and clean project.

Many other self-interested constituents, from farmers to wealthy communities, are killing high-speed rail.

It is the duty of the Legislature to exercise leadership and move this project from a cathedral in the desert to a shining example of California’s progressive view of the common future.

Eugenio Frongia, Oakland

GOP has no solutions

If Republicans want to blame all these mass shootings on mental health issues, let’s see them fund mental health services. If they want to ban abortion, they need to make contraceptives readily available and provide support to families after children are born.

Republican positions create dangerous situations with no real remedies. Ignore their talking points and see what they are actually doing to solve these real problems. Nothing.

Susan Wilder, Oakland

Save Laguna Honda

Regarding “Laguna Honda sets plan to move 700 patients” (Front Page, May 17): The federal regulators have set in motion plans to shut down Laguna Honda rehabilitation center and move of 700 residents to nonexistent care facilities. These auditors have no idea of what a service Laguna Honda provides for the community and what an amazing institution it is.

I visit Laguna Honda regularly and see it as a well-organized, well-run, caring institution that provides for the health and emotional needs of a fragile population in a clean modern — even beautiful — facility.

Cruel threats to forcibly remove 700 people because of infractions by a few residents are beyond belief. Those who decide the fate of Laguna Honda must not ignore the success of this nursing home — one of the largest in the nation — in fighting the COVID-19 crisis with low infection and death rates.

Laguna Honda is in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hometown and should be on the top of her agenda — and a story for Chronicle reporters until 700 San Franciscans are safe in their homes.

Michael Monley, San Francisco