CORONAVIRUS - Is it our Perfect Enemy?

This global pandemic is closely approaching a threshold to become one of the most challenging situations ever faced by mankind, affecting everyone across the globe in similarly horrible ways, causing unimaginable havoc, claiming countless lives, turning economies upside-down, and challenging our resolve.

While horrible and devastating, something incredible may be coming out of it: global unification.

 The same virus that forces us apart, can bring us together! 

Recently, with the escalation of this pandemic, more and more people began looking to other peoples as equals. No more race, no more religion, no more political view or other differences. It is clear this virus does not care for any of it, so, why should we? We have never been equalized as individuals as we are now, and it may be something new this virus is teaching us. Sadly, it is coming with a very high price tag, but it may be a lesson we ALL are long overdue to learn. WE ARE ALL EQUALS!

Nevertheless, this virus may teach us much more than that. It is forcing us to open our eyes to see much more than we have ever seen about ourselves: we may look different, we may act differently, we may think differently, but fundamentally we are all identical. Try to reflect on it for a second... If we all do that, after this situation is behind us, we may have a chance to change our ways and start paying more attention to what makes us similar and build a better world for ourselves and the future generations.

Future generations... YES! It is a beautiful thing to think about now: the future generations! But, for them to have a future, we must have a future too, which means, we must fix our present! This is the kind of thinking that will help us prevail! That should motivate us to get out of this chaos much stronger and better than before, hopefully, united and more human than ever. That's why the SARS-CoV-2 may be our Perfect Enemy, because while it could wipe us out, it most likely will not. Instead, it may strengthen us as individuals, as a society, hopefully humanizing our Governments and bringing a little bit of humbleness upon mankind as a specie!

We certainly will be around much longer after this virus is gone, but it is up to us if we want to take this opportunity to make this planet a much better world for everyone to live at, safely, as one global society, in which our differences and uniqueness will make us stronger and pull us together instead of push us apart. We will only really prevail if we truly learn this lesson!

Looking back to the current situation, Here some tips on how - together - we will win this invisible enemy:

  1. Follow the President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America -- 15 Days to Slow the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19): Click to access official document at
  2. Get your facts from solid sources, like the CDC: Official COVID-19 Information page on CDC
  3. Learn from the World Health Organization: Official COVID-19 Information page on WHO

Additionally, if you want to track the spreading of COVID-19 around the world, the CSSE is the best source:

An important lesson: Keep misinformation away from your mind. Always rely on valid official sources! But, if you urge to search online for more information, here some good locations to start it right:

And, of course, practice social distance, wash your hands and do not touch your face, protect your love ones and everyone else by staying indoors, and take this opportunity to understand how life is truly special and fragile, and also everything else we all have been taking for granted for too long. Learn and follow true science guidelines. Nothing is more valuable than life!

Good attitude, love, and compassion will get us through this situation! Practice it, always!

Stay safe, stay positive, and appreciate what the poet John Lennon once told us with his song, Imagine.

Julio Marchi
Twitter: @MrMarchi

The name COVID-19 means "COrona VIrus Disease that surfaced in 2019". It is used to reference the name of the disease caused by the Coronavirus (previously known as "2019 Novel Coronavirus"). The correct name of the virus itself is SARS-CoV-2, which is an acronym for "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus 2".

World United
The Real Impact of Ignoring Social Distancing:
The Real Danger If You Get Infected:


John Lennon

I wonder if you can imagine a brotherhood of men, with no possessions, no need for greed or hunger, nothing to kill or die for.

Imagine there's no heaven, there's no hell, and all religions are one, or none at all.

Above us, only sky. No countries, no lines, no boudaries, only people living in peace, sharing and respecting each other.

It isn't hard to do imagine all that...

I may be a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

I hope some day you'll join us, and the world will be as one!

Sadly, it takes a global pandemic to bring us to imagine we may, one day, live in harmony and with peace...


This page has been built with three simple intents: 1) to provide a different way to think about this situation and allow us all to dream about a better future after this crisis is over; 2) To provide valid links with correct information about the COVID-19 to put a stop in the dissemination of incoherent data and misinformation about this global pandemic. 3) To bring awareness to people to understand how to protect everyone from this virus, which begins with us all having valid and factual scientific information. Politicians and Businessmen have a self-centered agenda oriented to money and power, while we "the people" truly care about life. To defend it, to defend us from greedy and from stupidity, we must be well informed and truly united. All for one, one for all!

P.S.: This domain was seating unused on my inventory of domains for a couple of years now. It was NOT acquired for this page, but it made total sense to use it now to try to disseminate some sort of positive message and good information about these terrible times we are facing. Simply as that. I hope you appreciate it.