The Perfect Enemy | Instawork Announces New Work Opportunities in Los Angeles and Orange County
February 20, 2024

Instawork Announces New Work Opportunities in Los Angeles and Orange County

Instawork Announces New Work Opportunities in Los Angeles and Orange County  Political Cortadito

— Hospitality, leisure, and food & beverage industries leverage flexible work to meet demand during summer travel season —

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — May 31, 2022 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — Ahead of the summer season, Instawork, the leading platform for connecting businesses with hourly workers, is announcing new flexible work opportunities in Los Angeles and Orange County as a direct response to thousands of businesses in great need of skilled workers.

Hourly rates for those looking to fill all the summer vacancies is, on average, $21 plus workers compensation insurance; that is $6 dollars more than the minimum wage in SoCal. Among the top roles that will be offered ahead of the summer rush are food servers, bussers, bartenders, cashiers, custodians, warehouse associates, and more.

“Instawork is a meritocratic marketplace, all users have the same access to job opportunities. You select a shift, complete it, and get paid – often instantly; simple as that,” said Daniel Altman, Chief Economist at Instawork.

Last year, as Americans began to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations, Los Angeles’ tourism and hospitality industry rebounded from its pandemic slump to welcome 40 million people to the area. This year, that number is expected to hit pre-pandemic levels of over 50 million visitors. Those record numbers are placing additional pressure on local businesses to fill every possible vacancy and offer local, national, and international tourists the excellent services expected from one of the top destinations for summer travel.

“Travelers are excited to finally take summer vacations that the pandemic has put on hold for two years,” said Kira Caban, Head of Strategic Communications at Instawork. “For Instawork Pros, this means increased opportunities to enjoy unique and interesting SoCal experiences while getting paid.”

These summer opportunities are available to SoCal residents (and even visitors from out of state.) To view available work opportunities, simply download the Instawork app, available for IOS and Android, create a profile, and enjoy the benefits of the flexible work this summer along the Golden Coast.

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