The Perfect Enemy | Gov. Tim Walz announces three new COVID test-to-treat sites
July 7, 2022

Gov. Tim Walz announces three new COVID test-to-treat sites

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Minnesotans can get tested and receive a prescription for medication at three new COVID test-to-treat locations that will open later this month.

ST PAUL, Minn. — Editor’s note: The video above first aired on KARE 11 on Monday, June 2, 2022. 

Brooklyn Park, Moorhead and Duluth, Minnesota all will offer new COVID-19 test-to-treat locations later this month, Gov. Tim Walz announced Wednesday.  

Minnesotans can get tested free of cost for COVID-19 at any of the three new community testing sites, and if residents test positive and are deemed as high-risk, they can receive a prescription for medication at the same time for no cost. 

Minnesotans can also continue to pick up free at-home rapid tests at the community testing sites. 

The Brooklyn Park site opens June 10, Moorhead will become a test-to-treat location June 13 and Duluth will offer the program beginning June 14.  

The State of Minnesota is partnering with the federal government to provide clinical personnel, funding and Paxlovid, an antiviral pill given to high-risk patients to lower the risk of hospitalization. 

Minnesotans preparing to go to a test-to-treat location should have their medical history prepared. Clinicians can only offer a prescription for Paxlovid to high-risk patients. 

“I am proud to be one of the first states to partner with the federal government to offer more test-to-treat options to people who need them,” said Walz. “We will continue to make sure all Minnesotans have options when it comes to testing for and treating COVID-19. It is important when someone tests positive for COVID-19, they have immediate access to treatment options.” 

The three new test-to-treat locations opening later this month join 61 existing sites across the state. Minnesotans can find community testing sites on the Department of Health’s website.

In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends people get tested if: 

  • They have symptoms of the virus. 

  • They have had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19. 

  • They are returning from international or domestic travel. 

  • They attended a high-risk event. 

  • They work in a setting that has regular, close contact with many people.

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