The Perfect Enemy | Centre County Moves to Medium COVID-19 Level for First Time in Four Months -
February 16, 2024

Centre County Moves to Medium COVID-19 Level for First Time in Four Months –

Centre County Moves to Medium COVID-19 Level for First Time in Four Months  Statecollege.comView Full Coverage on Google News

Centre County is at the medium COVID-19 community level for the first time in 17 weeks as new cases and hospital admissions linked to the virus ticked up over the last seven days, according to the Centers for Disease Control’s latest update on Thursday night.

The county had been at the low community level since Sept. 15.

At the medium level, the CDC recommends that individuals at high risk for severe illness consider wearing a mask indoors in public and taking additional precautions such as staying 6 feet away from others, avoiding crowded and poorly ventilated spaces. Anyone who has symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should also wear a mask, according to the CDC. Masks should be worn on public transportation, as well.

Statewide, new cases and hospitalizations declined. Centre County is one of 42 counties at the medium level, two fewer than last week. One county — Pike — is at the high level [-6], and 24 are at the low level [+8]

For a county that has fewer than 200 new cases per 100,000 people in a week, to be at the medium level requires between 10 and 19.9 COVID hospital admissions per 100,000 and/or a seven-day average of 10-14.9% of hospital beds occupied by COVID inpatients.

Centre County crossed the hospital admissions threshold for the medium level over the last week.

The county had a case rate of 82.52 per 100,000 people (up from 78.21 last week) and 10.9 new COVID admissions per 100,000 (up from 7.7), with 5.5% of inpatient beds occupied by COVID-19 inpatients (down from 6.2%).

Mount Nittany Medical Center had 13 COVID-19 inpatients as of the hospital’s inpatient dashboard update on Thursday. One is in intensive care and none are on ventilators. The patients range in age from 61 to 87. For the week of Jan. 6-12, Mount Nittany had an average daily COVID inpatient census of 10.1, down from 13.3 last week.

The county added 134 reported new cases in the last week, seven more than the previous seven days, according to Pennsylvania Department of Health data. The seven-day rolling average for new cases was 19.1, up from 18.1.

A total of 43,200 COVID-19 cases (38,547 confirmed and 4,653 probable) have been reported among Centre County residents since March 2020.


Pennsylvania registered 15,230 reported new positives over the last week, 489 fewer than the previous week’s new cases. The rolling seven-day average of 2,176 new cases is down from 2,246 the prior week.

The commonwealth’s case total since the start of the pandemic is now 3,447,091.

According to the DOH data, 1,567 COVID-19 patients were hospitalized statewide as of Wednesday, 180 fewer than a week earlier, with 203 in intensive care [-2] and 77 on ventilators [-20].

DOH recorded no new deaths attributed to the virus among Centre County residents in the last week, keeping the total at 385.

With 229 new COVID-19 deaths identified by the Pennsylvania death registry in the last week, the statewide total is now 49,263.

Pennsylvania and Centre County COVID-19 dashboard for Jan. 11, 2023. Image via Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Centre County’s PCR testing positivity rate for the week of Jan. 4-10 was 11.2%, down from 13.1% the previous seven days, according to the DOH early warning monitoring dashboard. The rate was 23rd lowest among Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

The statewide positivity rate was 14.4%, down from 15,5% the prior week.

As of Wednesday morning, 102,379 people in Centre County have completed the primary vaccination series, an increase of 127 since Jan. 4, and 13,139 are partially covered [-20]. Bivalent booster doses have been administered to 28,800 county residents [+575].

Among the county’s entire population, 75% have received at least one dose and 63.6% have completed the primary vaccine series, while 19.3% of eligible residents (age 5 and older) have received the bivalent booster, according to the CDC. Among adult residents, 79.8% have received at least one dose, 67.5% have completed the primary series and 20.5% have received the bivalent booster booster.

Statewide, 82.5% of adults and 73.1% of the total population have completed the primary series, while the bivalent booster has been administered to 20.1% of adults and 17.7% of all residents age 5 and older.

Vaccination appointments are available through pharmacies and providers listed at

*Note: Changes are in brackets. Specific numbers for zip codes with 1-4 cases are redacted by the health department. Cases are not always immediately assigned zip codes.

16801 (State College): 10,383 confirmed [+29], 1,409 probable [+1]

16823 (Bellefonte and Pleasant Gap): 7,595 confirmed [+27], 658 probable [+2]

16803 (State College): 4,459 confirmed [+14], 867 probable [-1]

16866 (Philipsburg): 2,756 confirmed [+30], 348 probable [+12]

16802 (University Park): 2,089 confirmed [+4], 314 probable

16870 (Port Matilda): 1,685 confirmed [+7], 218 probable [+1]

16841 (Howard): 1,325 confirmed [+8], 116 probable

16827 (Boalsburg): 1,021 confirmed [+2], 129 probable

16828 (Centre Hall): 1,006 confirmed [+1], 101 probable

16875 (Spring Mills): 806 confirmed [+2], 85 probable

16844 (Julian): 653 confirmed [+1], 58 probable

16845 (Karthaus): 565 confirmed, 32 probable

16853 (Milesburg): 356 confirmed [+2], 20 probable

16874 (Snow Shoe): 345 confirmed [+2], 40 probable

16877 (Warrior’s Mark): 344 confirmed, 32 probable

16826 (Blanchard): 300 confirmed [+4], 18 probable

16865 (Pennsylvania Furnace): 289 confirmed [+1], 30 probable

16820 (Aaronsburg): 223 confirmed, 28 probable

16851 (Lemont): 223 confirmed [+3], 34 probable

16829 (Clarence): 218 confirmed [+4], 25 probable

16854 (Millheim): 208 confirmed, 18 probable

16872 (Rebersburg): 195 confirmed, 17 probable

16868 (Pine Grove Mills): 131 confirmed [+1], 13 probable

16859 (Moshannon): 127 confirmed, 6 probable

16677 (Sandy Ridge): 112 confirmed, 6 probable

16832 (Coburn): 107 confirmed, 11 probable

16835 (Fleming): 73 confirmed, 7 probable

16852 (Madisonburg): 61 confirmed [+1], 5 probable

16856 (Mingoville): 58 confirmed [+1], 12 probable

16882 (Woodward): 49 confirmed, 5 confirmed

16804 (State College): 24 confirmed, 1-4 confirmed

16863 (Orviston): 23 confirmed

16805 (State College): 1-4 confirmed


Blair: 34,543 [+91] Low Community Level

Clearfield: 23,813 [+136] Medium Community Level

Mifflin: 14,836 [+51] Medium Community Level

Huntingdon: 13,619 [+50] Medium Community Level

Union: 13,365 [+28] Medium Community Level

Clinton: 10,946 [+38] Medium Community Level