The Perfect Enemy | Understanding COVID-19 and How to Stay Safe
August 17, 2022

Understanding COVID-19 and How to Stay Safe

The Emmi COVID-19 video has been created by Wolters Kluwer to help educate the public on ways to stay healthy during this pandemic. The organization supports more than 1.9 million clinicians in 190+ countries, having more than 7,100 world-renowned physician authors, editors, and reviewers working on a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations. Every day, clinicians view topics covering 25 specialties over 1.6 million times, making it one of the most reliable sources around.

Understanding COVID-19 and How to Stay Safe
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Nothing is more important today than good quality and eloquent information for everyone to stay safe. It is how “we”, as a society, will fight this pandemic and win this viral-war with minimum losses and manageable impact in our lives and economy.

I know! You are thinking now “too late, dude, we are already there!“. But, true of the matter is it can turn much worse, simply because not everyone is doing what is needed to be done to mitigate this craziness. Forget about the Government layers and other areas we can’t control and focus on what we can actually do to help. There are still hundreds of thousands of people failing to execute the basics of social distancing, which is the minimum required on the fight of this pandemic. It is mindboggling that, at this point, so many people still don’t seem to understand the first thing (or care) about this virus. That’s why it is important to keep repeating the same message and, time after time, find ways to renew it, because sooner we can control this virus spreading, sooner we will see ourselves out of this crisis.

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Please, watch this 10-minute video as many times as needed. Watch it with your family and friends, and make sure you enforce its guidelines. Understanding our enemy is how we empower ourselves to win the fight it brought upon us all.

Please, share this page with everyone you can. That is not only important but also our civil duty to make sure everyone abides by the same safety guidelines.

Stay informed. Stay healthy. The world thanks you!