The Perfect Enemy | The 7 things you need to know for Friday, November 25
October 25, 2023

The 7 things you need to know for Friday, November 25

The 7 things you need to know for Friday, November 25  The Washington Post


Russian strikes have knocked out water and power in Ukraine.

  • The details: About two-thirds of Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, is without heat and about 50% of homes don’t have electricity, as of early today. Fifteen regions are having water supply problems.
  • Why it matters: Temperatures are dipping below freezing in parts of the country, and millions are expected to leave their homes in search of warmth and safety.


China is fighting one of its biggest coronavirus outbreaks of the pandemic.

  • What we know: A record 31,656 infections were reported yesterday. Major cities including Beijing and Guangzhou have ordered residents in some areas to stay home.
  • Why is this happening? China’s strict “zero covid” strategy means most of its 1.4 billion people have never been exposed to the virus, leaving them with no natural immunity.


Elon Musk said he plans to bring back all banned Twitter accounts.

  • When? The reversal would begin next week, according to the platform’s new owner. Users are banned for things like violent threats, harassment, abuse and misinformation.
  • Why it matters: This would be “existentially dangerous,” one expert said, and help bring on a “free-for-all hellscape.” But it’s not clear whether Musk has the practical capacity to do this right now.


It’s Black Friday, but today will look different than it used to.

  • Why? Stores started having sales much earlier this year. That’s partially because they wanted to avoid last year’s supply chain issues and now have way too much stuff to sell.
  • So, what can you expect? Discounts on a wider range of products — but watch out for return fees and high shipping costs. We have a full guide here.


Florida is still struggling to clean up from Hurricane Ian.

  • Why? The deadly storm, which hit nearly two months ago, left behind enough debris to fill the Empire State Building 22 times.
  • Where will it go? Temporary dump sites, then larger landfills. But it will probably take months, cost billions of dollars and could have environmental impacts.
  • The bigger picture: Costly disasters like this one will probably become more common as climate change accelerates.


The U.S. men’s soccer team plays England at the World Cup today.

  • What to know: A win against the Group B favorite would be a huge step for the U.S. toward the knockout stage. A tie or loss would set up a must-win game against Iran on Tuesday.
  • How to watch: The game kicks off at 2 p.m. Eastern time and will be live on Fox Sports and streaming services. Follow our coverage of today’s matches here.


A British Paralympian will become the first astronaut with a disability.

  • What to know: The European Space Agency has chosen John McFall, a 41-year-old doctor and medal-winning sprinter, to join its next class of astronauts, it announced this week.
  • Why this matters: The ESA hopes this is the first step toward sending a “parastronaut” to space.

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