The Perfect Enemy | Irresponsible Spreading of Stupidity
August 16, 2022

Irresponsible Spreading of Stupidity

If you think the seriousness of the current global pandemic is driving the News media to do their most fundamental job providing us with valuable accurate information that is of utmost importance for our safety, well… think again!

Irresponsible Spreading of Stupidity
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While it is not the intention of this website to take political sides or promote opinionated views, it is our responsibility to call out those ones that use their valuable media time to disseminate false, biases and/or incorrect information, especially in times like these, when everything we know about this disease can make the difference between life and death. 

Pay close attention to this video and notice how those people put everyone’s life at risk with what they said:

Published by The Daily Show with the title of Saluting the Heroes of the Coronavirus Pandumbic, it is a joke that is not a joke, but a true statement that everyone should pay attention to and learn from.

The video was clearly intended to make a point in a humorous way, after all, it was produced and published by a show at Comedy Central. However, what this small compilation demonstrates is how dangerous the News can be when it is in the hands of unqualified, unprepared, unprofessional, and irresponsible individuals and their unqualified crews.

Those in the video (among many on TV, Radio, and Web) are – at a minimum – misinformed, opinionated and irrational. Notwithstanding, in times like this, even criminal. 

There was a time – a long-gone time – when individuals in such a position were above all morally driven and focused on providing real quality and factual data about anything they present. But, not those dumbasses we have nowadays.

It is true that, in many cases, not all the facts can be accounted for in time for the News, especially in situations of much confusion. Regardless of that, News Anchors should be – at least – careful with what they bring forward to society, and should never use their own opinions to make a point that can be understood as actual news. Many people will simply believe what they hear and follow guidelines without thinking about it. Worse, they will pass on the wrong information, exponentially making the situation much worse. That’s why we all should expect – or, better saying, demand – that News anchors are trustworthy and abide by high moral standards. Sadly, as the video clearly demonstrated, it seems to be quite the opposite in many cases! Those specific News anchors are reckless and arrogant, purely opinionated, miserably failing with the basics of their profession and disrespecting the serious work many other good News anchors and crews actually do. Beyond that, what they did – and many still do – is truly dangerous, especially in cases like this pandemic. I will not refrain from stating which can even be an understatement that those News anchors from the video are now directly responsible for millions of people sick, and maybe even for many that – unfortunately – may be in their demise.

Trevor Noah‘s work, at a Comedy channel, is much more factual and impressive than most News out there. He is truly oriented to inform the American people about the reality we now face, and he is doing a much better job than many crazy bastards like those ones that appear in the video. I strongly suggest you visit his page and watch his other videos. I can only thank him for the compilation above, hoping he will keep bringing more videos exposing the true face of stupidity, so people can stop listening to it.

Notwithstanding, if YOU are one of those individuals that insist on listening and believe those imbeciles from the video – or someone else like them -, well… it means YOU are even more stupid and retarded than they are! I almost feel like saying you probably deserve what may be coming to you, but sadly you may end up getting others sick or dead. So, please, for the sake of everyone else, listen to science, or if it is too hard for you, listen to common-sense. Understand it is YOUR responsibility to think and filter everything you hear from the News before you accept it and, most importantly, before spreading it. Knowledge will not hurt you! It may in fact save your life and the lives of the ones you love! Just think about it. I know thinking is hard, but it is a very simple concept even YOU should be able to grasp!

I’ll make it stupidly easy. Here is a list based on the video of those to NEVER listen again: Hannity, Rush, Dobbs, Ingraham, Pirro, Nunes, Tammy, Geraldo, Doocy, Hegseth, Schlapp, Siegel, Watters, Dr. Drew, Henry, Ainsley, Gaetz, Inhofe, Pence, Kudlow, Conway, Trump.

Everyone can (should) Google those names, then black-list them! Those are the Heroes of the Pandumbic, listed by The Daily Show, the ones we all should remember to forget anything and everything ever heard from them!