The Perfect Enemy | Some Good News - With John Krasinski
August 16, 2022

Some Good News – With John Krasinski

In these uncertain times, the news can be a drag. Well, not anymore. There is a new web series to the rescue, dedicated to bringing good news for all of us… The show has lots of surprises and is full of incredible moments that everyone will love and cherish (and share). Make sure you don’t miss it!

Some Good News – With John Krasinski
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The celebrity John Krasinski, a highly successful actor/writer/director well-known by the TV show The Office, several movies, and most recently by the Amazon series Jack Ryan, created a YouTube channel called SGN – Some Good News where he proudly presents acts of kindness, motivational messages, interviews, and – with a well-balanced dose of humor – drives everyone’s minds away from this pandemic situation and the bitterness of the News media.

The idea of the channel was a follow-up to his tweet on March 25 in which he asked people to send him “stories that have made you feel good this week or the things that just made you smile.


Dressed in a suit and tie, but not necessarily wearing matching pants, Krasinki conducts each episode from his “studio-like” office beautifully decorated with an “SGN” logo made by his daughters. He performs like a nightly newscast, shuffling a stack of papers, changing camera angles, and even pretending there is a producer speaking with him via his year communicator. A fantastic well-presented parody that could not be more timely.

Here the First Episode, if you dare have missed it:

The first episode above was released on March 29, and to this date has been viewed over 14 million times. Surely a big hit!

The success of the initiative is not a surprise. John is funny, charismatic and entertaining, and his approach having a professional video built in a “homebrew” fashion demonstrates an exquisite taste that nowadays deeply resonates with everyone that is forced to stay at home due to the Coronavirus crisis. A true inspiration that is motivating people all over the world to do the same. A truly needed initiative that we strongly support and applaud.

Maybe there is actually a chance mankind will end up united as one after this crisis is over! Meanwhile, let’s watch the second episode of SGN that was released on April 5. I promise it will blow your mind and bring a wide smile on your face (I know you need it. I sure did!):

Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel and visit John’s Facebook page for additional news about the SGN initiative and more.