The Perfect Enemy | Samantha Bee Goes on With COVID to ‘Raise Hell’ Over Roe v. Wade Decision
June 30, 2022

Samantha Bee Goes on With COVID to ‘Raise Hell’ Over Roe v. Wade Decision

Samantha Bee Goes on With COVID to ‘Raise Hell’ Over Roe v. Wade Decision  The Daily Beast

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Samantha Bee was all set to tape her final episode of Full Frontal before an extended summer hiatus. Then she tested positive for COVID-19.

“Oh sure, I know the other late-night shows took a week off when their hosts got COVID,” she said from a makeshift set in her upstate New York backyard. “But I’m not like those other guys. I need attention.”

The real reason Bee decided not to cancel the episode is because she knew the pending Supreme Court decision that is expected to overturn Roe v. Wade is too “important” to ignore.

“The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will be devastating,” Bee said. “Twenty-six states will likely move to ban abortion immediately, which is a shame. Because the only interesting thing to do in North Dakota is get an abortion. A right to choose whether or not to have a baby is being dismantled by a party that really fucking wants that baby to die as soon as possible after it’s born.”

Over the next several minutes, Bee examined the horrifying consequences, both intended and unintended, that will become a reality if the Supreme Court ruling comes down as expected.

“Three generations haven’t experienced a world in which people had no choice but to throw themselves down stairs, ingest bleach, or use knitting needles, scissors, and coat hangers,” she said. “Medical advances mean we shouldn’t have to go back there! But it is insane that a Supreme Court that doesn’t represent the majority of Americans will cause women more death and suffering.”

Before signing off, Bee ended with both a warning and a challenge for viewers. “Make no mistake, this is not where it ends,” she declared. “Conservatives will not rest until they have come for all our rights. Everything we have fought for could be lost, unless we take it back.”

“It’s not just about voting in November,” she continued. “It’s about doing everything in our power to help vulnerable people access abortion across state lines. And we have to raise hell in our cities, in Washington, in every restaurant Justice Alito eats in for the rest of his life. Because if Republicans have made our lives hell, it’s time to return the favor.”

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