The Perfect Enemy | Into the Red Zone
August 16, 2022

Into the Red Zone

Sky News’ Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay travels to the heart of Europe’s coronavirus pandemic.

Into the Red Zone
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In the city of Bergamo in Northern Italy, Stuart Ramsay meets doctors fighting the illness that’s changing the entire world and witnesses the impact COVID-19 is having on Italy’s people, infrastructure and economy.

Source: Sky News

This documentary is fairly recent, just one or two months old, but the situation it shows us has escalated so quickly that it can be considered outdated right now. Nevertheless, this crisis still happening in Italy and shows no signs of relief, being now much worse than what is portrayed in the video.

In the USA, however, while some states like New York are dealing with a similar crisis, there are still many cities and states across the country in which things aren’t (yet) not that bad. But, make no mistake, it is a matter of time for every single city in the country to experience the same fate as Italy, or even worse, because in the USA we have a much denser population, a largely divided government, and a very irresponsible media in overall. 

While in America we waste valuable time discussing politics, while the leaders scramble with (lack of) resolutions, and the media take every single opportunity to feed into crap like “Republicans vs Democrats”, the naked reality of the Coronavirus finds very few spaces in the media for people to see what it really is!

Yes, it is a depressing documentary. Surely you’d rather watch something else other than this pandemic. It is natural to feel that way. Many media channels actually agree with you, and it is what they are doing. Notwithstanding. we must also understand this enemy and the kind of war it is bringing upon us all. It is important to see the reality as it is because we must fear this virus shamelessly. In this case, fear is our friend. Not panic, just fear. Fear is what prevents us from shoving our hands in a fire, or from jumping out of a car at a high speed. Panic is bad because it makes us react irrationally, but fear leads us to consider resolutions that would not be our first preferable thing to do, and those fearful resolutions are exactly what will keep us and everyone else safe.

That’s why I published this video. Watch it, allow yourself to be afraid of this virus. Do not be frightened, because it will make you stop living, but be afraid of getting it, and be really afraid of having someone closer to you infected by it. It will drive you to be extra careful, to act safer, and (hopefully) it may break through the skull of many dumbasses out there who are careless and fail to understand why they must STAY HOME.