The Perfect Enemy | Flight delays and cancellations reported at RDU, Charlotte Douglas airports
July 5, 2022

Flight delays and cancellations reported at RDU, Charlotte Douglas airports

Flight delays and cancellations reported at RDU, Charlotte Douglas airports  WRAL NewsView Full Coverage on Google News

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Flight Aware showed 153 cancellations and 40 delays on Friday morning at Charlotte Douglas International Airport — more than at any airport in the country.

As of 11:50 a.m. Friday at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, 19 flights were delayed and 28 were canceled.

Travelers experience cancellations, delays at RDU

Two women WRAL News spoke with Friday at RDU said they are delayed until at least Sunday. Jillian Slowinski’s Delta Air Lines flight to Atlanta got canceled on Friday. However, her ultimate destination is overseas.

“We are traveling with teachers all over North Carolina and visiting Zimbabwe,” Slowinski said. “We will be visiting schools and visiting museums.”

On Friday, Slowinski and fellow teacher Ally Edwards waited for about three hours at RDU.

“This is having a big trickledown effect on everything,” Slowinski said. “We had another group that left for Charlotte, and they are there without the rest of us.”

Edwards said she was preparing for a 15-hour flight.

“We are teachers, so we kind of expect the unexpected,” Edwards said. “It is frustrating.”

On Friday, traveler Kiara Brown was trying to visit Munich, Germany, which is where she was born.

“This is my first time back,” Brown said.

Brown was trying to go from RDU to Charlotte to Germany. She won’t be able to leave until Sunday at the earliest.

Brown explained the reason she was given for her flight cancellation.

“It was crew, crew cancellations and weather,” Brown said.

Brown explained her feelings about the flight cancellation.

“I am not an emotional person, but I almost cried when they told us,” Brown said. “I have been looking for this for 30 years now. Yes, it was supposed to be my return back.”

American Airlines spokesperson addresses complications with air travel

American Airlines Managing Director of Global Network Planning Jason Reisinger explained how the airline industry – like many other businesses – is experiencing supply-chain issues. Weather also plays a role.

“[We are] working schedules early on so that there will be supportable early on so we have as few hiccups as we can on a given day,” Reisinger said.

Reisinger mentioned how American addressing pilot shortages. Citing Kit Darby, a pilot pay consultant and a retired United captain, NBC News reported that U.S. airlines are trying to hire at least 12,000 pilots combined this year.

“It takes a long time to get someone trained and up to speed and have enough flight hours to command one of these aircraft,” Reisinger said. “So, how do we get ahead of the curve and just help people choose to do that?”

Reisinger explained how air travel is a “complicated operation” and acknowledged there will be “hiccups.”

“Obviously, it is affecting services levels at American, but we are working through it,” Reisinger said.

Delays, cancellations at Charlotte Douglas International Airport

A viewer sent WCNC Charlotte a photo showing how jammed-packed the airport was.

A reporter for the Charlotte station called the scene inside the airport a “zoo.” Most of the delays and cancellations were impacting American Airlines flights.

The issue in Charlotte appears to be weather-related.

You can track any flight at any airport using the WRAL Flight Tracker.