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February 8, 2023

COVID-19 vaccination top of mind for Albany church – WALB

COVID-19 vaccination top of mind for Albany church  WALB

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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) – While many are trying to forget about COVID-19, others are still showing the same caution they had from the start.

On Saturday, Bethel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church hosted a vaccine event. Dr. Michael G Ephraim, Sr, Bethel AME Pastor said it’s important for his church to keep everyone safe in the community as more COVID-19 variants come into play.

The partnership with Phoebe was able to vaccinate 19 people.(WALB)

“We want to create a healthy community one shot at a time,” he said.

Bethel AME suffered serious damage during an August storm last year but Ephraim said the church never stopped serving the community.

“We are determined to do the work of God. The work that God has placed in our hands and so because the storm came through destroying it does not mean the work of ministry stops,” he said.

According to Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, as of January 6 there are 22 covid patients hospitalized with one patient in the ICU.

Flu vaccines were also offered at the event.
Flu vaccines were also offered at the event.(WALB)

Darrel Sabbs with Phoebe Community benefits said while those numbers are a big difference from where we were a year ago, the vaccination numbers don’t reflect that change.

“We’re even hearing that vaccines, in general, are low, just for children going into schools,” he said. “So, it’s important that we bring these opportunities to the community and get the community to realize that even though we’re kind of post covid, we’re still in a very critical period.”

While vaccine events do help vaccination numbers, Sabbs said there’s a long way to go to ensure everyone is protected.

“Making that choice and making that decision can be lifesaving. At these pop-ups, we may do 50 to 100 people to get their vaccine shots but there’s still more work to do,” he said.

Bethel AME will host it’s next vaccination event sometime in February.