The Perfect Enemy | County at “high” COVID-19 level as State tracks vaccination information
July 7, 2022
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MEDFORD, Ore. — Jackson County has a “high” level of coronavirus today.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) county-by-county monitor shows Jackson County in high level Friday.  It shows Curry, Josephine and Siskiyou Counties in medium level, and Klamath and Lake Counties with low level of coronavirus.

The Jackson County move comes during a week when Oregon Health Authority (OHA) released its new COVID-19 breakthrough cases data.

OHA is reporting 44,363 new cases of infection in May, and it says 21,100 of those cases, or 47.6%, were unvaccinated people while 23,246 cases, or 52.4%, were vaccine breakthrough cases.  Further, it says more than half of those breakthrough cases, 14,506, or 62.4%, were fully vaccinated and boosted. 

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OHA said yesterday that to date, Oregon had 233,873 total COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases of which 69,105 cases, or 29.5%, were fully vaccinated and boosted at the time of infection. 

It says in Oregon, 2.6% of vaccine breakthrough cases have been hospitalized and 0.6% died.  It says the median age of vaccinated people who died is 80.

It reminds that CDC recommends everyone age five years and older stay current with their vaccines, including boosters when eligible.

How well is our immunity holding up against Covid-19?

For people who are vaccinated Oregon has a Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, or VAERS.  It connects to the federal government’s VAERS.

OHA is reminding people about the early warning system that allows health care providers, vaccine makers and the general public to report adverse events after vaccination.  A report to VAERS does not mean a vaccine caused the adverse event.  Scientists investigate whether a side effect is caused by vaccination.

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The State also has a vaccination survey for Oregonians.  It wants people who are vaccinated to share their reasons why they received vaccination and/or booster shots.