The Perfect Enemy | Children in the age group of 1-4 in America are now eligible for Covid-19 vaccines
July 7, 2022

Children in the age group of 1-4 in America are now eligible for Covid-19 vaccines

Children in the age group of 1-4 in America are now eligible for Covid-19 vaccines  Economic TimesView Full Coverage on Google News

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Young Americans are now advised to take the Covid-19 vaccine from Tuesday. Though some parents are more than enthusiastic, some are reluctant. In a poll, 18% of the parents said they were willing to take the dose, 27% said they would not let their child take the amount, and 38% were undecided and wanted to wait and see.

Though the Covid-19 virus is less dangerous in young kids than in adults, it should in no way be taken lightly. Over 200 children, ages one to four, have perished from Covid-19, and almost 20,000 have been admitted to hospitals. 68% of preschool children in America have been affected by this deadly virus.

Here are some of the questions parents are asking:

you vaccinate your child against Covid-19?

Vaccine for Covid-19 is not necessary to attend school. It is up to the parents and guardians. Vaccines, according to the reports, have shown that they lessen the risk of this severe disease and even lower the death by Covid-19.

What are the side effects of the covid-19 vaccine?

Companies have tested the vaccine on over 8000 children, and they have shown no new side effects. Young children basically suffer almost the same side effects as normal adults. The side effects include:

  • fever
  • fatigue
  • swelling where you get the jab.

Is the Covid 19 vaccine effective?

The immune response of this vaccine is similar to the effects shown in teenagers and adults. It is practical to avoid severe symptoms of the disease and even death in children.

What company vaccine should you prefer-

BioNTech or Moderna?

Though there has been no comparison of the two vaccines directly since no studies have been done. It is seen that the Moderna vaccine has more side effects than Pfizer, but it can provide protection faster.

The time between the shots and the dosage differs in both vaccines. But that is not at all helpful in deciding which one to prefer.

What if your child was once affected by Covid-19?

According to the CDC, almost 70% of American children have been affected by Covid. That does ensure at least some immunity against this viral disease, but it offers less resistance to the new variants. Many data and researches show that the combined effect of vaccines and immunity produces the most vigorous defence.

Will your children require the booster dose?

Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines require three doses to work successfully and provide the most prolonged protection against omicron and other variants in adults. Similarly, young children might require three doses as well for complete protection.

What about babies younger than six months?

Such young babies are already vaccinated if their mother has been vaccinated during pregnancy. They have complete protection from this viral disease.

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