May 5, 2021

The Clinical View

Alternative treatments for COVID-19. Is it possible?

Since last January, there have been reports in the media that millions of people worldwide are seeking alternative or holistic remedies to prevent infection or to treat the symptoms of COVID-19. With Traditional Medicine at the end of its rope, Holistic Medicine may have a chance to prove itself over this crisis, and the results are not surprisingly encouraging…

Understanding COVID-19 and How to Stay Safe

The Emmi COVID-19 video has been created by Wolters Kluwer to help educate the public on ways to stay healthy during this pandemic. The organization supports more than 1.9 million clinicians in 190+ countries, having more than 7,100 world-renowned physician authors, editors, and reviewers working on a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations. Every day, clinicians view topics covering 25 specialties over 1.6 million times, making it one of the most reliable sources around.