The Perfect Enemy | Boone County sees increase in COVID-19 cases this summer
July 1, 2022

Boone County sees increase in COVID-19 cases this summer

Boone County sees increase in COVID-19 cases this summer  KOMU 8

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BOONE COUNTY – COVID-19 cases are increasing in Boone County.

Columbia/Boone County Public Health and Human Services senior planner Sara Humm said the CDC ranks community levels in green, yellow and red.

“That’s based on a number of factors with data,” Humm said. “We were upgraded to yellow last week.”

Boone County entered the medium level on June 9, PHHS nurse supervisor Trina Teacutter told the Columbia Missourian. The CDC updates the data every Thursday. Boone County tracked 10.3 new admissions per 100,000 — an admission rate over 10.0 puts a county with fewer than 200 cases a week at the medium level.

Boone County was last at the medium level the week of March 3 and at the high level the week of Feb. 17, Teacutter said. According to the CDC’s data, Boone County is currently one of 35 counties in Missouri at the medium level.

This means Boone County is seeing a higher number of COVID-19 cases right now. Humm said she recommends taking precautions to protect yourself from the virus.

Boone County sees increase in COVID-19 cases this summer

“Think about those basic things with COVID of protecting yourself,” Humm said. “Protecting your family, considering wearing masks in public places, making sure you’re washing your hands, and checking for symptoms.”

Humm said if you have had exposure to someone with COVID-19, make sure to monitor your symptoms. She also recommends getting tested.

“And if you have tested positive, make sure you’re taking the precautions you need to so that you’re not getting other people sick,” Humm said.

This comes as federal health officials are reviewing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for safety and effectiveness for children under 5 years old. That is the only group that is ineligible for the vaccine.

“Anytime a new age group is up for consideration of being added to potentially getting the COVID vaccine, the process for that can be a little bit longer than people might think,” Humm said. “It has to go through both the FDA and the CDC.”

Humm said, at the local level, officials operate under a medical director who then changes orders to say that a new groups is eligible for these vaccines.

“If you hear on the news that the FDA has approved it, that doesn’t always mean that immediately that those doses are going to be available,” Humm said. “It may take a while to get doses in and to make sure that it’s the supply that we have available.”

She said Boone County currently plans on having vaccination clinics for children under the age of 5 once they are approved for vaccination.

Boone County has a phone number that people can call if they have questions about COVID-19.

“If they have if they have COVID, and not really sure what to do next, they can call that number and ask questions of our staff,” Humm said.

The phone number is 573-874-6337.