The Perfect Enemy | Americans would pay over $27,000 to be rid of insomnia forever, new survey finds - CNBC
February 23, 2024

Americans would pay over $27,000 to be rid of insomnia forever, new survey finds – CNBC

Americans would pay over $27,000 to be rid of insomnia forever, new survey finds  CNBC

Can you imagine simply writing a check and being rid of health conditions like Covid-19, acne and insomnia forever? More than 3,000 Americans were asked to do just that, in a recent poll conducted by Assurance IQ, a company that helps people secure insurance and loans.

The survey asked respondents — which included people from across 44 states of different ages and gender identities — to put a price tag on how much they’d be willing to spend to avoid certain health ailments for the rest of their lives. 

Across the board, people in most states were willing to spend the highest amount to get a good night’s sleep. Respondents said they would pay an average of $27,418 to no longer suffer from insomnia.

Some states were outliers, including residents of Hawaii and Iowa, who were willing to pay the most money to avoid acne forever. And those from Pennsylvania say they’d spend as much as $60,918 to never have allergies again.

Here’s the full list of different conditions that Americans across the country would be willing to pay to never deal with again, and how much they’d be willing to spend.

The average price Americans would pay to avoid these health conditions forever

  1. Insomnia: $27,418
  2. Allergies: $13,901
  3. Covid-19: $13,593
  4. Stomach-aches or cramps: $12,137
  5. Acne or pimples: $11,219
  6. Throwing up: $10,373

Honorable Mentions (Under $10,000):

  • Migraines or intense headaches: $9,324
  • Hangovers: $3,298

When asked what they would sacrifice to never have Covid-19 or a hangover again, the top responses from Americans were brunch, coffee, Netflix, fast food, social media and the beach.

Some people were even willing to forfeit their passport and internet to avoid the conditions.

And considering the average monthly rent payment for Americans is $1,163, per the U.S. Census Bureau, “many people across the country are so sick of COVID-19 that they are willing to fork over a year’s worth of rent to gain complete immunity to the virus,” the survey says.

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