The Perfect Enemy | A timeline of the US Government response to the Coronavirus pandemic
August 16, 2022

A timeline of the US Government response to the Coronavirus pandemic

In the US, the administration’s response to the Coronavirus global pandemic has been uniquely peculiar. Widespread ranging from downplaying the crisis to massive bailouts! Surrounded by misinformation, disinformation, and (sometimes) false information! Everything seems to lead to either life-threatening situations or to economic and social chaos.

A timeline of the US Government response to the Coronavirus pandemic
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Since emerging in China at the end of 2019, the Coronavirus pandemic assaulted the world at an unprecedented rate. No agency or government could ever be prepared to deal with the magnitude and the velocity of how it all happened.

We should not play the “blaming game” here. Instead, let’s try the “learning game” for a change. Everyone, everywhere, will have their shares of successes and failures. The goal is to humbly look back, review what has been done – and what hasn’t – and learn from it. That should be enough for us to make better decisions in the future based on the result of our past resolutions.

It is hard to be unpoliticized and impartial when most of what is out there tie with political agendas. I am sure I will be accused of having a political agenda of my own. The “timeline” was built to bring forward consistencies – or the lack of – in speeches and promises, and to fact check effectiveness – or the lack of – in actions and procedures.

You may feel a little bump in your stomach as we go up and down following the convoluted path this government takes us through.

The Coronavirus roller coaster

Let’s begin by stop lying to ourselves and avoid talking politics here! If we keep our egos out of it, we should be able to agree on a simple truth: the current US Government has built itself on top of confusion, noise, and overloading of information (good, bad, fake, etc.). 

 Now that we established our Government modus operandi, we can agree that it is more or less “okay” to have it like that. Such a mess is a delicious buffet for the Traditional News Media and the perfect environment for political agendas. Nothing like that is out of the ordinary, right? YES, but in catastrophic situations like this pandemic, it is the worse possible scenario we could find ourselves into.

Yes, we deal with constant frustration filtering between good and bad information. We became passive observers to a comic-tragedy show of ever-changing meaningless speeches. We are victims of constant misdirection and lack of unity in our government layers. All that together infuriates us all, but also dangerously amplifies the havoc caused by this pandemic, affecting each one of us in different ways – even deadly – some that otherwise could be prevented.

This is the point of this article and its timeline. I want to provide visibility over the sequence of events, actions, and reactions of those entrusted to protect our way of life and our lives. Regardless of your political orientation, it can be eye-opening. Let’s review the convoluted roller coaster of events as it once unfolded in front of our eyes and we missed it because we were not actually looking. 

So, let’s strap on and get right to it!

A long time ago in a year that seems so far, far away…

December 21, 2019

December 21, 2019

Coronavirus gets included to Trump’s Daily Briefings

Reports that Chinese government is investigating an “outbreak of respiratory illness in the central city of Wuhan” becomes part of Donald Trump’s daily Brief by Intelligence Services.

December 31, 2019

December 31, 2019

WHO officially acknowledges the possibility of a virus epidemic

Without mentioning the Coronavirus, the World Health Organization (WHO) issues an alert saying it was informed of a “pneumonia of unknown cause” in Wuhan, China. Source

January 6-8, 2020

January 6-8, 2020

CDC issues a Level 1 Watch warning

Following protocol, after WHO alerts the world about the situation in China, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issues a travel advisory for Americans wishing to go to China. Labeled as “Watch – Level 1, Practice Usual Precautions“, the alert is no more than a call for travelers to take extra precautions.  Source

CDC also says it is closely monitoring the virus and reports that no known cases have been yet reported in the USA.

January 11, 2020

January 11, 2020

Genetic sequence of the newly found virus is brought to the world

China releases the genetic sequence of the “2019 Novel Coronavirus” (later classified as “SARS-CoV-2” and nicknamed Coronavirus).

The genetic sequence material enabled scientists worldwide to work on developing tests for the virus. Source

January 17, 2020

January 17, 2020

Enhanced health screening announced

Due to the severity and rapid escalation of the situation in China, the CDC announces enhanced health screening of passengers arriving from Wuhan. However, only the three major airports that have the most traffic from there were included in the process: LAX, SFO, and JFK. Source

January 21, 2020

January 21, 2020

First USA case is confirmed

The first case of the Coronavirus in the United States is reported near Seattle, Wash. It’s a 35-year-old man just back from visiting family in Wuhan, China. Source

This is the date we start counting:

1 U.S. case, 0 deaths.

January 22, 2020

January 22, 2020

President Trump undermines Coronavirus risk to Americans

On multiple occasions, despite being advised to the contrary, President Trump continuously expresses his lack of concerns about the Coronavirus. Here some examples: 


We do have a plan and we think it’s gonna be handled very well, we’ve already handled it very well,” said Trump to CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid in Davos, Switzerland. Source


We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. We have it under control. It’s going to be just fine,” Trump repeated in a CNBC interview yet in Davos, Switzerland. Source 

1 U.S. case, 0 deaths.

January 24, 2020

January 24, 2020

Trump resorts to Twitter to talk about Coronavirus and compliments China

President Trump starts using Twitter to promote his sole perspective about the Coronavirus, once again despite being advised to the contrary by his cabinet members and specialists. His first tweet about the subject was:


China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!”. Source

  Author Observation:
Please notice how he prises China for its “transparency” and president Xi by his proactiveness. Remember that when you read some of his future tweets.

2 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

January 29, 2020

January 29, 2020

US creates Coronavirus taskforce

In response to the Coronavirus situation, the White House announces the formation of a “Coronavirus Task Force“, to be led by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. Source

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is appointed to be part of the task force. 

Later this day Donald Trump tweeted:


Just received a briefing on the Coronavirus in China from all of our GREAT agencies, who are also working closely with China. We will continue to monitor the ongoing developments. We have the best experts anywhere in the world, and they are on top of it 24/7!

5 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

January 30, 2020

January 30, 2020

WHO elevates the concerns about the situation

The WHO declares the coronavirus a “public health emergency of international concern.” Source

Ignoring the specialists, Donald Trump continues to undermine the seriousness of the Coronavirus situation. At a campaign rally in Michigan, he said:


“We think we have it very well under control. We have very little problem in this country at this moment — five — and those people are all recuperating successfully. But we’re working very closely with China and other countries, and we think it’s going to have a very good ending for us … that I can assure you.”

7 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

January 31, 2020

January 31, 2020

Azar declares public health emergency and Trump blocks travel from China

HHS Secretary Azar declares the coronavirus a public health emergency. Source

In response, Trump issues an executive order blocking entry to the US from anyone who has been in China in the last 14 days. However, it does not apply to US residents and family members or spouses of US residents or citizens and no quarantine program is put in place for those cases. The order only becomes effective on February 2.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, starts speaking more often in the Coronavirus task force briefings and his participation brings more credibility to the administration work. 
8 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

Then, we made it to February…

In January the sequence of events was a lot like that initial track of the roller coaster that pulls the carts uphill towards the first drop. A time when a lot of uncertainty comes to mind, tension builds up, and when we wish that whatever is coming will come fast and be done quickly. 

February was no less intense than the first drop itself. It was then when the realization that shit was real and there was no escape from it hit the most skeptics in their faces!

Fear, panic, adrenaline rush… Uncertainty for the future… “Did I leave the kitchen sink water running?” All feelings and thoughts taking over, all at the same time, yet amplified by misguidance and misinformation. 

It is almost as if someone we trusted gave us a pamphlet for the “Tunnel of Love” ride but strapped us in the Yukon Striker at Canada’s Wonderland, setting it on an endless loop that turns worse after every lap…

February 2, 2020

February 2, 2020

(False) claims about safety

In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, when asked how concerned he was about the Coronavirus, Donald Trump responded:


We pretty much shut it down coming in from China.


8 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

February 3, 2020

February 3, 2020

CDC confusing (contradicting) remarks

The CDC’s Messonnier echoed Redfield saying the risk to Americans was “currently low” and that the focus was on travelers from places where the disease was spreading. She also said:


We expect to find additional cases of novel coronavirus infection in the United States. We expect to see more cases of person-to-person spread among close contacts.

11 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

February 4, 2020

February 4, 2020

FDA gives emergency use authorization to CDC test kits

The Food and Drug Administration gives emergency use authorization to CDC test kits for the Coronavirus. Source

In his State of the Union address, Trump said:


We are coordinating with the Chinese government and working closely together on the coronavirus outbreak in China. My administration will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this threat.

11 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

February 5, 2020

February 5, 2020

CDC begins shipping (flawed) test kits

The CDC begins shipping test kits for the Coronavirus to select labs. It is soon discovered (about a week from this date) that one of the elements in these test kits is faulty. The U.S. would struggle to get up to speed on testing capability, limiting who could be tested and obscuring the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Source

Today is also the day the U.S. Senate voted to acquit Trump in his impeachment trial. Source

11 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

February 7, 2020

February 7, 2020

Warmer weather (misleading) claims

In a double-tweet, Trump promotes another one of his unsubstantiated beliefs:


Just had a long and very good conversation by phone with President Xi of China. He is strong, sharp and powerfully focused on leading the counterattack on the Coronavirus. He feels they are doing very well, even building hospitals in a matter of only days. Nothing is easy, but……he will be successful, especially as the weather starts to warm & the virus hopefully becomes weaker, and then gone. Great discipline is taking place in China, as President Xi strongly leads what will be a very successful operation. We are working closely with China to help!“. Source

11 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

February 10, 2020

February 10, 2020

More (misleading) claims that the warm weather will kill the Coronavirus

During a White House meeting with governors, Trump said:


I had a long talk with President Xi — for the people in this room — two nights ago, and he feels very confident. He feels very confident. And he feels that, again, as I mentioned, by April or during the month of April, the heat, generally speaking, kills this kind of virus,

Later, at a campaign rally in Manchester, NH, Trump also said:


Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away. I hope that’s true. But we’re doing great in our country. China, I spoke with President Xi, and they’re working very, very hard. And I think it’s going to all work out fine.

11 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

February 11, 2020

February 11, 2020

Trump lies about people recovering from COVID-19 in interview

In an interview with Geraldo Rivera, Trump claims the following:


In our country, we only have, basically, 12 cases and most of those people are recovering and some cases fully recovered. So it’s actually less.

12 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

February 12, 2020

February 12, 2020

The CDC Test kits “fiasco”

The lack of functional test kits at state labs meant all samples had to be sent to the CDC, and limits were placed on who could be tested.

The CDC’s Messonnier, who acknowledged problems with the test kits distributed to states, also raises this warning:


We can and should be prepared for this new virus to gain a foothold in the U.S. The goal of the measures we have taken to date are to slow the introduction and impact of this disease in the United States, but at some point, we are likely to see community spread in the U.S.

12 U.S. cases, 0 deaths

February 24, 2020

February 24, 2020

Stock market tumbles and Trump asks Congress for emergency fund

The Trump administration asks Congress for $2.5 billion in emergency funding to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Congressional Democrats and even some Republicans immediately say this isn’t enough. Source

Despite facts and news about the pandemic, Trump continues repeating his unsubstantiated claims:


The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!Source

In a matter of two weeks, the number of cases jumps from 12 to 51 today. No deaths reported, yet.

February 25, 2020

February 25, 2020

Coronavirus is “very well under control in our country”, Trump insists on saying


You may ask about the coronavirus, which is very well under control in our country. We have very few people with it, and the people that have it are – in all cases, I have not heard anything other,” the president said during a press conference on his trip to India. Source 

54 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

February 26, 2020

February 26, 2020

First community spread case documented in the US

A person in California is confirmed to have coronavirus without documented travel to hot spots or contact with another infected person. 

The unknown source of the infection confirms that the “community spread” of the virus is taking place in the USA. Source

In his last press briefing, Alex Azar says:


The degree of risk has the potential to change quickly, and we can expect to see more cases in the United States.


At the same conference, Trump dodges journalists’ questions by repeating:”…the US is really prepared“.

Vice President Mike Pence is named the new head of the White House task force, replacing Azar as the top official, with Dr. Deborah Brix being named response coordinator. Source

In another briefing, the CDC’s Messonnier (who warned that the government’s containment strategy would likely have to move to mitigation measures such as closing businesses and schools), makes this personal comment:


I understand this whole situation may seem overwhelming and that disruption to everyday life may be severe. … I told my children that while I didn’t think that they were at risk right now, we as a family need to be preparing for significant disruption of our lives.

57 U.S. cases, 0 deaths

February 27, 2020

February 27, 2020

Trump insists with his non-sense that “virus will ‘disappear’ one day ‘like a miracle’ “

After all the facts, specialists’ claims, reports, etc., it is hard to conceive that anyone  – a President of a country – will insist on saying something like this:


“It’s going to disappear. One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear,” the president said during a White House meeting with African-American leaders. Source


  Author Observation: Without being political, it is hard not to think at this point that such an individual is not delusional or a simply a patologiacal lier…

60 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

February 28, 2020

February 28, 2020

The day “politics” takes back the stage

Then-White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, speaking at the CPAC conference, where an attendee later tested positive for the coronavirus, says:


The reason you’re seeing so much attention to it today is they think this is going to be what brings down the president. That’s what this is all about.

At this point, the administration was criticized for taking nearly a month to invoke the DPA (Defense Production Act), when states and medical providers said they badly needed N95 masks and ventilators. In a briefing with reporters, Azar makes this claim:


We will use the Defense Production Act as necessary to enable that our contracts go to the front of the line on contracting. So that is an authority that we have, and we intend to use it to acquire anything that we need to acquire. We won’t use it unnecessarily, of course. We don’t want to be disruptive if that’s not needed. But if we need to, we will use it. We won’t hesitate.

At a campaign rally in North Charleston, SC, Donald Trump reacts to the critics by saying:


Now the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus. … One of my people came up to me and said, ‘Mr. President, they tried to beat you on Russia, Russia, Russia.’ That didn’t work out too well. They couldn’t do it. They tried the impeachment hoax. That was on a perfect conversation. They tried anything, they tried it over and over. … And this is their new hoax.

60 U.S. cases, 0 deaths.

February 29, 2020

February 29, 2020

A DARK DAY – Coronavirus claims the first life in the U.S.

CDC, Washington State Report First COVID-19 Death. Source

Trump suspends travel to the U.S. by people who have been in Iran in the previous 14 days. There are exceptions, including for U.S. citizens. Source

Testing supplies remain a concern for the US as countries with higher case rates, like China and South Korea, are able to test at higher rates.  To try to boost testing capacity, the FDA allows university and state public health laboratories to begin developing and performing their own coronavirus tests. Source

Trump lies again, ignoring the facts and claiming the US is leading in testing, though reports show only a few thousands of tests had been administered by February 28. 

68 U.S. cases, 1 death

March, the month of the reigniting of the hearts and consciousness of humankind gains a new meaning…

At this point, we realize the roller coaster is not a joke, no fun at all. The ride has just begun, we are stuck in it, and it has already claimed its first fatality!

Some will insist on saying “don’t worry, it is just a ride“… Yeah, we all want to believe it is just a “ride“, but it is not! Beyond that, no one has ever experienced such a type of “ride” like this one before!

To make matters worse, despite being attached all together, each cart (State) is said to be on its own. A true lack of leadership from those individuals who suppose to unite us all instead of keeping on telling us one thing and doing another!

March 3, 2020

March 3, 2020

Pence (falsely) announces anyone can be tested for the Coronavirus

Pence announces the CDC will issue new guidance saying anyone can be tested for the Coronavirus, subject to a doctor’s orders. But major problems with testing remain, making it difficult to get a test. Source


There are many reasons why such an announcement will never come to fulfillment, like many other promises and claims of this administration.

Meanwhile, the Coronavirus counting for cases and deaths in the U.S. will climb at an alarming rate.

This will be a tough month… and, sadly, not the worst!

118 U.S. cases, 7 deaths.

March 4, 2020

March 4, 2020

It’s “very safe to fly”

This is the remark by President Trump and Vice President Pence at a Coronavirus Briefing with Airline CEOs. Trump says:


Yeah, I think where these people are flying, it’s safe to fly. And large portions of the world are very safe to fly. So we don’t want to say anything other than that. And we have closed down certain sections of the world, frankly, and they’ve sort of automatically closed them also. They’ll understand that and they understand it better, perhaps, than anybody. Yes, it’s safe.Source

217 U.S. cases, 12 deaths.

March 5, 2020

March 5, 2020

Trump compares the Coronavirus with the Swine Flu

President Trump praises his own work and compares Coronavirus with the Swine Flu, saying:


Gallup just gave us the highest rating ever for the way we are handling the CoronaVirus situation. The April 2009-10 Swine Flu, where nearly 13,000 people died in the U.S., was poorly handled.Source

217 U.S. cases, 12 deaths.

March 6, 2020

March 6, 2020

And, more (fake) claims about tests

While visiting CDC headquarters in Atlanta, President Trump says:


Anybody that wants a test can get a test. That’s what the bottom line is.Source


  This was a false statement. In fact, at this time testing capacity was about 75,000 nationally, according to the CDC.

On a plus side, Trump signs an $8.3 billion emergency funding bill to aid the coronavirus response. It is significantly larger than what was initially requested by the White House and was passed with significant support in Congress. Source

402 U.S. cases, 14 deaths.

March 9, 2020

March 9, 2020

Trump now compares the Coronavirus with the common Flu

In an unfortunate tweet, Trump once again brings his fabricated facts to the public by saying:


So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!Source

  Author Observation: The problem with his remarks is not only about its factualities, but because it makes people feel safe enough to take the risk of getting infected by the Coronavirus. After all, what is the problem going down with small common flu, right?

959 U.S. cases, 19 deaths.

March 10, 2020

March 10, 2020

More foolish attempts to downgrade the reality about the Coronavirus

In a sudden “change of speech“, after meeting with Republican senators on Capitol Hill, Donal Trump stops praising President Xi of China (as he did on February 7 and repeatedly on many other occasions) and says:


Well, this was unexpected. This was something that came out of China, and it hit us and many other countries. You look at the numbers; I see the numbers with just by watching you folks. I see it — it’s over 100 different countries. And it hit the world. And we’re prepared, and we’re doing a great job with it. And it will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away,Source

1,120 U.S. cases, 28 deaths.

March 11, 2020

March 11, 2020

WHO declares a global pandemic, and NBA suspend its season

Trump restricts travel from 26 European nations. As with the previous travel bans, there are exceptions for U.S. citizens and others (but no quarantine plans). The restrictions also initially exclude the U.K. and Ireland, though they are later added. Source

Trump causes confusion about the trade from the bloc when suggesting cargo would also be subject to the ban, though this was not the case. Markets react with worry.

Trump makes another incorrect statement when claiming that health insurance providers promised to waive all co-pays for Coronavirus treatment. In reality, only testing would be free. 

Notwithstanding, in his address to the nation from the Oval Office, Trump once again claim:


The vast majority of Americans, the risk is very, very low.

Dr. Anthony Fauci
gains the respect of the nation by stepping forward and saying the simplest truth everyone was expecting to hear from the administration:


“Bottom line, it’s going to get worse.”


A positive test for NBA player Rudy Gobert leads the league to suspend its season (Source), setting off a cascade of cancellations and closures across all other sports leagues and major events.

1,281 U.S. cases, 36 deaths.

March 12, 2020

March 12, 2020

Private sector presents their tests for Coronavirus

The FDA authorizes for use the first privately developed test for the coronavirus. The next day it gives the go-ahead to another. These private-sector tests are touted as the key to expanding testing capacity, but ramp-up remains slow. Source

1,663 U.S. cases, 40 deaths

March 13, 2020

March 13, 2020

National emergency declaration

Trump declares a national emergency and calls on states to request a “major disaster” designation as well. A month later, Trump had approved disaster declarations in all 50 states. Source

Trump says the US will increase testing capacity but warns against those without symptoms being tested. “It’s totally unnecessary,” Trump said. “This will pass.

2,179 U.S. cases, 47 deaths.

March 15, 2020

March 15, 2020

National emergency declaration

The Adm. Brett Giroir, AKA “testing czar” at the Department of Health and Human Services, stated the following:


We will have 1.9 million of these high-throughput tests available this week with numerous labs, up to 2,000, starting to turn the lights on beginning this week.” 


That was an entire incoherent claim that only produced criticisms. According to the COVID Tracking Project, there weren’t 1.9 million test results completed until April 6. Source

3,499 U.S. cases, 63 deaths.

March 16, 2020

March 16, 2020

Issued the “15 days to slow the spread” social distancing guidelines

Trump announces his task force’s “15 days to slow the spread” social distancing guidelines for all Americans. Source

During a news conference, Trump asks:


everyone to work at home, if possible, postpone unnecessary travel, and limit social gatherings to no more than 10 people.“, changing his speech (again) now stating he “always known this is a real, this is a pandemic. I’ve felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic.

4,632 U.S. cases, 85 deaths.

March 17, 2020

March 17, 2020

Reality hits hard the “hardheads”

In a desperate attempt to maintain some sort of consistency in his speeches, Donald Trump lowers his tone and lays one of his shallowest meaningless speeches at a task force meeting:


We’re getting rid of this virus. That’s what we’re doing. That’s the best thing we can do. By the way, for the markets, for everything — it’s very simple, very simple solution. We want to get rid of it. We want to have very — as few deaths as possible. This is a horrible thing.

When asked about how long the pandemic would last at a press briefing, Trump responded:


They think August, it could be July,” referring to members of the White House task force. “Could be longer than that.“, he interjected.

6,421 U.S. cases, 108 deaths.

March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020

Trump signs the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

The new act makes testing for the virus-free and expands paid sick leave. This is the second major package addressing the virus to become law in March. Source

Trump announces he’ll be invoking the Defense Production Act “just in case we need it.


Trump would later say he’s just using it for “leverage”. Source

Such a lack of courage to act using its full powers early on to compel production and distribute needed supplies will be one of the greatest points of criticisms against his administration, surely going into the storybooks as the worse examples of a president’s inaptitude to act in the history of the country. More about the subject

7,783 U.S. cases, 118 deaths.

March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020

Global Level 4 Health Advisory – Do Not Travel

The State Department issues a global Level 4 health advisory telling Americans to avoid all international travel. Source

13,747 U.S. cases, 200 deaths.

March 22, 2020

March 22, 2020

Another “changing of speech”

Lost in his own mess, the President resort to his more powerful weapon (Twitter) and post a tweet in ALL CAPS saying:



When asked multiple times to elaborate on Donald Trump’s claims, Dr. Fauci tells Science in an interview:


“I can’t jump in front of the microphone and push him down. OK, he said it. Let’s try and get it corrected for the next time.

When asked how he’s avoiding being fired, Fauci says that even those he disagrees with Trump “on some things, he listens. He goes his own way.

33,276 U.S. cases, 417 deaths.

March 23, 2020

March 23, 2020

Reopening America for business

Going against logic, science, and common sense, Donald Trump finds the one speech that resonates well with his “supporters” from the “capital interest“:


America will again, and soon, be open for business — very soon — a lot sooner than three or four months that somebody was suggesting. A lot sooner. We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself. We’re not going to let the cure be worse than the problem.

Meanwhile, COVID-19 numbers rise uncontrollably…

43,843 U.S. cases, 557 deaths.

March 24, 2020

March 24, 2020

Trump says he wants country to reopen by April 12


There is tremendous hope as we look forward and we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.“, says Trump on a task force press briefing. Source

After tweeting that the “cure” can’t be “worse than the problem itself” as the US economy dropped, Trump says on Fox News he would “love to have the country opened up, and just raring to go by Easter“.

Medical experts, including Dr. Fauci, disagree with Trump and stated in media that the virus decides the timeline of a return to normalcy.


The president clearly listens. I mean, he has this aspirational goal of hoping that we might be able to do it by a certain date. We talked with him about that. We say we need to be flexible. He realizes that and he accepts that“, he tells Fox News. 

53,736 U.S. cases, 706 deaths.

March 25, 2020

March 25, 2020

Excuses, excuses, excuses…


Nobody would ever believe a thing like that’s possible. Nobody could have ever seen something like this coming, but now we know, and we know it can happen and happen again.

Trump said that at a task force briefing, falsely claiming (again) that no one saw a pandemic like the Coronavirus coming. 


That’s why this timeline is important. If you go back and review the previous two months, almost everything that Donald Trump and his administration did was undermine the risks of this pandemic and ignore the facts.

Let’s not forget Trump was left with a full-scale global health infrastructure set up by the previous administration in response to the lessons of the Ebola outbreak, dismantled by Trump’s administration in 2018. Source

65,778 U.S. cases, 942 deaths.

March 27, 2020

March 27, 2020

Trump signs $2.2 trillion emergency spending bill

Finally, something positive to report about:

Trump signs the approximately $2 trillion CARES Act, the third Coronavirus relief bill to pass Congress in March, and the largest rescue package in history.

Press keeps challenging Dr. Fauci about Donald Trump’s goals to “open the country” on April 12. In response to the president’s Easter timple, when asked he says:


The president has set April 12 as an aspirational goal. He knows, and we’ve discussed this with him, that you have to be very flexible on that. He put that out because he wanted to give some hope to people. But he is not absolutely wedded to that.Source

Yet another good action from Donald Trump to report: he finally made usage of the powers of the Defense Production Act to orders General Motors and a health care vendor to produce ventilators. Trump will also use the DPA for N95 respirator masks, and to ban exports of certain medical supplies and to prevent hoarding of supplies. Source

Meanwhile, the count for Coronavirus infections reaches hundreds of thousands, and the death toll rises faster than ever…

101,657 U.S. cases, 1,581 deaths.

March 29, 2020

March 29, 2020

Social distance guidelines gets extended through the end of April

Trump announces the “15 days to slow the spread” guidelines will continue through the end of April after scientific advisers show him modeling that shows the potential for hundreds of thousands of deaths without strong social distancing measures. Source

The Trump administration announces Project Airbridge, a public-private partnership designed to expedite the arrival of health care supplies. The first planeload comes from China. Source


The better you do, the faster this whole nightmare will end.”, says Trump, in a task force briefing, urging Americans to continue to follow social distancing guidelines. Source

140,909 U.S. cases, 2,467 deaths.

March 30, 2020

March 30, 2020

Trump says administration inherited ‘broken test’ as cases soar

Confirmed cases of the Coronavirus will top 180,000 by the end of March. Healthcare workers and authorities across the country bemoan the lack of testing. 

In response, Trump falsely tells Fox News his administration “inherited a broken test” for COVID-19.


Note:  This is a big-fat-lie! The DNA sequence for the novel Coronavirus was not shared by China until January 7, 2020, almost three years after Trump was inaugurated. He couldn’t ever inherit what didn’t exist!

The problem with the tests created in the US during the early days of the crisis was related to the tainted reagents, a component that is added to tests to create a chemical reaction. But, instead of humbling acknowledge his failure and work on a resolution Donald Trump wasted time and energy blaming others, yet not fixing the problem.

On the other hand, Trump finally finds guts to tell the nation to prepare for “hard days”. Better later than never… 

168,938 U.S. cases, 2,986 deaths

March 31, 2020

March 31, 2020

Another change of speech. Now, Coronavirus is “not” the flu

At a White House Coronavirus task force briefing, Trump says:


But it’s not the flu. It’s vicious. When you send a friend to the hospital and you call up to find out, how is he doing, it happened to me. Where he goes to the hospital, he says goodbye, sort of a tough guy, little older, little heavier than he’d like to be, frankly. And you call up the next day, ‘how’s he doing?’ And he’s in a coma? This is not the flu.” Source

In the same briefing, Dr. Fauci warns that models at the time showed at least 100,000 Americans could die from the virus.


No one is denying the fact that we are going through a very, very difficult time right now.”, he says.

188,172 U.S. cases, 3,873 deaths.

And then we arrive in April, the month when the “fools” may reign

There is no mercy! No one knows where this roller coaster is taking us, for how long the ride will run, and how worse will it still get. The only choice we all have is to keep strapped to our seats and stay safe (I mean, “stay at home and keep practicing social distancing“).

And here is how everything goes from scarily crazy to insanely absurd! While the roller coaster ride shows no signs of slowing down, and the hills and drops do not appear to be flatting in the curves, the ones who are (not) driving this thing, (not) in control of the situation, and (not) acting in favor of our best interest simply decided we all should unstrap from the safety of our seats, stand up in the middle of this fast speed roller coaster ride, and go back to a normal life. “Everything will be Okay,” they say!

As crazier and scariest as it may seem, it is exactly what this month of April is all about! The foolest foolish of all fools foolishly raising the bars of foolishness to unimaginable new levels!

April 2, 2020

April 2, 2020

6.6 million workers file for unemployment

The US sets a record for single-week unemployment benefits to claim as the economy continues to crash due to stay-home measures across the US, according to the Department of Labor. 

Worries increase that many businesses will close and a housing crisis could emerge from an inability to pay rent across the country. 


Author Observation: It took about three months for the Coronavirus to reach 100,000 infections in the US. But, in merely a week, it doubled it and surpassed a 250,000 mark!

April will be a no joke month this yeat!

243,762 U.S. cases, 5,926 deaths.

April 3, 2020

April 3, 2020

Cloth masks become recommended

The CDC recommends that Americans wear simple cloth masks when going out in public. The recommendation emphasizes the need to do it in areas with extensive community transmission of the coronavirus. Source


It’s going to be, really, a voluntary thing. You can do it. You don’t have to do it. I’m choosing not to do it, but some people may want to do it, and that’s OK. It may be good. Probably will. They’re making a recommendation. It’s only a recommendation., said Trump, in a task force briefing where he announced the face mask recommendation.

When asked by a reporter if Trump would follow his own guidelines, he responded:


“I don’t think I’m going to be doing it,” Trump says, citing difficulty when meeting world leaders: “Wearing a face mask as I greet presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens – I just don’t see it.”


If everybody does that, we’re each protecting each other,Dr. Fauci says in an interview with PBS after the recommendations were made.

However, in a previous comment on March 3, Dr. Fauci said that masks could help, but would not provide protection people hoped. But, it was before the acknowledgment that infected but assimptomatic people could spread the virus by simply breathing or speaking, leaving micro-droplet behind that can also infect other individuals.

Not surprising the recommendation reportedly came after weeks of heated debate inside the administration, according to reports. 

275,586 U.S. cases, 7,087 deaths.

April 4, 2020

April 4, 2020

Trump pushes Hydroxychloroquine

Trump says in two successive press briefings over the weekend that US citizens should try an unproven anti-malaria drug, Hydroxychloroquine, to treat COVID-19. 


Take it. What do you have to lose?” Trump asks on Saturday, suggesting he might do so himself after asking “my doctors“.

Dr. Fauci tells CBS:


“In terms of science, I don’t think we can definitively say it works. The data are really just at best suggestive. There have been cases that show there may be an effect and there are others to show there’s no effect.”

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus task force coordinator, expressed in her briefing:


“This is the moment to do everything that you can on the presidential guidelines. This is the moment to not be going to the grocery store, not be going to the pharmacy, but doing everything you can to keep your family and your friends safe.”

308,853 U.S. cases, 8,407 deaths

April 5, 2020

April 5, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic gets compared with Pearl Harbor

Surgeon General Jerome Adams, on Fox News, says:


This is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans’ lives, quite frankly. This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment, only it’s not going to be localized; it’s going to be happening all over the country. And I want America to understand that.”

337,072 U.S. cases, 9,619 deaths

April 6, 2020

April 6, 2020

U.S. Navy hospital ships finally arrives

Trump announces that U.S. Navy hospital ships harbored by New York City and Los Angeles would begin to accept coronavirus patients after few non-pandemic cases went aboard. The hospital ships were part of the federal government’s effort to build hospital bed capacity in certain areas. Source

In a task force briefing, after Trump and Pence mentioned seeing “light at the end of the tunnel”, reporters challenge Dr. Fauci to exemplary it. He then says:


It seems to be inherently contradictory, but it really isn’t. … If we start seeing now a flattening or stabilization of cases, what you’re hearing about potential light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t take away from the fact that tomorrow or the next day is going to look really bad.

366,667 U.S. cases, 10,783 deaths

April 7, 2020

April 7, 2020

Trump brings “excuses” why he doesn’t help the States with everything they need

When asked about that, and about “downplaying the threat of coronavirus” early on, Trump says:


“The cases really didn’t build up for a while. But you have to understand, I’m a cheerleader for this country. I don’t want to create havoc and shock and everything else, but ultimately, when I was saying that, I’m also closing it down. I obviously was concerned about it because I closed down our country to China.”

He also says:


“We have now done 1,790,000 tests nationwide. That’s more than any other country in the world, hence, we have more cases. And that number is growing by nearly 125,000 people per day. Think of that one. So, it’s growing by 125,000 people per day.”

  Actually, testing averaged 147,000 a day in that period, according to reporting from the Washington Post. The US also was – and it still is – lagging behind other countries in terms of testing per capita. 

This was also the sad day Capt. Brett E. Crozier was removed as commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt after his warning letter about a Coronavirus outbreak leaked. The truth behind his dismissal, however, was because his letter was charging headlong into the Trump administration’s false narrative that it had everything in the Coronavirus pandemic under control.

397,505 U.S. cases, 12,794 deaths.

April 8, 2020

April 8, 2020

CDC announces new “return to work” guideline

The CDC announces new guidelines for how critical employees can return to work, including wearing a face mask at all times. Source

Another non-factual tweet from Donal Trump:




429,052 U.S. cases, 14,695 deaths.

April 9, 2020

April 9, 2020

Increasing of deaths

At a task force briefing, noting that while deaths were increasing, Dr. Fauci tries to focus on the fact that it has been a decrease in the need for hospitalization.


What we are doing is working, and therefore we need to continue to do it. I know I sound like a broken record. That’s good. I want to sound like a broken record. Let’s just keep doing it.” He said.

462,780 U.S. cases, 16,544 deaths.

April 13, 2020

April 13, 2020

Delusions of “total authority” and tension with Dr. Fauci

With a clear lack of understanding about his own job boundaries and limits, Donald Trump estated the following:


“I’m going to put it very simply: The president of the United States has the authority to do what the president has the authority to do, which is very powerful. The president of the United States calls the shots.


Such a statement is entirely false! The governors have the power to decide when states would lift stay-at-home orders and other restrictions, not the president.

In this aspect, the president IS a cheerleader.

Trump once again demonstrates how much his facts are all wrong and distorted.

It would be hilarious, if not depressing, when the very next day, after being advised by his lawyers, he changed his speech (again) now saying he “will leave the decision about how and when to open individual states to governors“. A childish but clever way to not acknowledge his mistake, yet making it seems as if it is his benevolent decision to allow that.

In another drama, rumors swirl that Trump will fire Dr. Fauci after the president retweets a tweet with a #FireFauci. Source

The tweet came after Dr. Fauci told CNN social distancing and other measures “could have saved more lives”.

The White House responded to the claims that Trump is not firing his top scientist. 

580,619 U.S. cases, 23,528 deaths.

April 14, 2020

April 14, 2020

Trump halts funding of the World Health Organization


“Today I am instructing my administration to halt funding of the World Health Organization while a review is conducted to assess [its] role in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the Coronavirus,” Trump said in a task force briefing.

The U.S. is (was) the largest contributor to the WHO.

607,670 U.S. cases, 25,831 deaths.

April 15, 2020

April 15, 2020

Trump claims some states can open on May 1 or sooner


We think some of the states can actually open up before the deadline of May 1. And I think that that will be a very exciting time indeed.” Trump said in a task force briefing, teasing an announcement about new guidelines for states to begin to lift social distancing requirements.

Trump also said there were at least 20 states “in extremely good shape.” So they could open May 1 or sooner. Another fact fabricated by his imagination, entirely disconnected from the reality demonstrated by the astonishing numbers below:

636,350 U.S. cases, 28,325 deaths.

April 16, 2020

April 16, 2020

The “Reopening America Again” guidelines

Trump administration releases guidelines for “Reopening America Again,” advising states on phases to begin lifting social distancing restrictions. Source

In a task force briefing, Birx commented:


We want governors, with the data that they have, community by community, to set those timelines.

632,656 U.S. cases, 28,160 deaths.

April 17,2020

April 17,2020

Liberate Michigan movement

Trump, in one of the lowest actions of his entire presidential career, tweets “liberate” about Michigan and two other states with Democratic governors, seemingly offering support to protesters crowding capitals who are opposed to states’ restrictions and closures.

  Author Observation: I am not shocked, but upset. This is beyond irresponsible, incoherent, and mediocre. It is outrageous to see a president of a country supporting politically motivated events against the other party in times like this pandemic, putting people’s lives at risk and supporting anarchists rebel against a Governor’s official mandate!

663,260 U.S. cases, 30,296 deaths.

April 19, 2020

April 19, 2020

Trump temporarily suspend immigration into the United States

Trump suggested there will be economic effects of the order, indicating it would “protect American workers,” and noted that it will have certain exemptions.


By pausing immigration, we’ll help put unemployed Americans first in line for jobs as America reopens,” Trump said. “It would be wrong and unjust for Americans laid off by the virus to be replaced with new immigrant labor flown in from abroad. We must first take care of the American workers.

799,717 U.S. cases, 39,995 deaths.

April 23, 2020

April 23, 2020

Trump suggests ‘injection’ of disinfectant to beat coronavirus and ‘clean’ the lungs

  Author Observation:



This day Donald Trump suggested the following:


So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous — whether it’s ultraviolet or just a very powerful light — and I think you said that hasn’t been checked because of the testing,” Trump said, speaking to Bill Bryan (who leads the Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology division) during the briefing. Then he added: “And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or some other way, and I think you said you’re going to test that, too.

Without anyone to stop him or cut out his microphone, he also said:


I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? As you see, it gets in the lungs, it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that.



Author Observation:

My apologies for stepping out of the political impartiality but I can’t wait to hear how Donald Trump’s “supporters” will defend those statements. Surely they won’t try it, but they will always find ways to justify whatever insanity he says!

826,936 U.S. cases, 42,103 deaths.

April 24, 2020

April 24, 2020

State of Georgia plays “Russian Rollet” with Coronavirus

This day the US surpasses the horrifying number of 50 thousand deaths due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Then, undeterred by a barrage of criticism, Georgia state officials moved ahead with plans to allow some nonessential businesses to reopen, even as Coronavirus deaths increase statewide.

Georgia’s Governor Brian P. Kemp tweeted:


Due to favorable data & more testing, gyms, fitness centers, bowling alleys, body art studios, barbers, cosmetologists, hair designers, nail care artists, estheticians, their respective schools & massage therapists can reopen Friday, April 24 with Minimum Basic Operations.Source

  Everyone wants the country back open. But Georgia and other states that ignore the reality of this pandemic and try reopening too soon will be experimenting in uncharted waters using their citizens as guinea-pigs.
  Author Observation: In other situations, it could be considered a war crime because it is no different than trying out chemical weapons over the mass population. Let’s see how this craziness will unfold.

But, there is a piece of good news on this day: President Trump signed an additional $484 billion Coronavirus relief package.

912,010 U.S. cases, 51,453 deaths.

…and that is what we have for now!

Let me know in the comments below if you feel this article is true and fair, or if you believe I’ve missed something important. 

It is not the end of our timeline, neither the end of this article. But, sadly, not the end of this ride either. I don’t know what to expect beyond, no one knows what will happen next. I only know that what once was will never be again. The changes are real, and they are here to stay. How good or bad will it be? We will know that once we are out of this crazy ride. Sadly, it will not be for everybody. Not everyone will make our of it alive!!! Why? Well… I will let it for you to think about on your own, Okay? I will just say that the answer may have something to do with “voting“!

Don’t be a fool! Don’t take risks! Stay healthy! Stay safe!

NOTE: This article was originally published on 04/20/2020 and may get reviewed and receive updates to reflect unfolded events from the subsequent days and months that follow. Lastest updated on 04/24/2020.