The Perfect Enemy | A multinational Delphi consensus to end the COVID-19 public health threat
December 10, 2022
Read Time:15 Minute
  • This study was led by four co-chairs (J.V.L., A.B., A.K. and A.E.-M.) who were part of a core group of 40 co-authors (J.V.L., D.R., C.J.K., S.A.K., L.J.A.R., G.A., R.B.L., J.A.B., M.L.B., Y.B.-Y., Q.B., C.B., M.B., S.-T.C., C.d.R., G.J.D., G.G., L.O.G., M.H., J.L.J., C.K., N.L., M.M., M.M.K., S.N., M.O.B., B.P., O.P., K.R., S.R., S.R., M.R., R.S., S.S., M.T.-H., S.V., P.Y., A.B., A.K. and A.E.-M.). The co-chairs regularly updated the core group members by email and J.V.L. led an online consensus meeting hosted by Wilton Park in March 2022. D.R., the lead chair (J.V.L.) and T.M.W. led the methodology. J.V.L., D.R., T.M.W. and C.J.K. reviewed all comments submitted as part of the three survey rounds. J.V.L., C.J.K. and T.M.W. reviewed all comments sent directly by email. J.V.L., D.R., C.J.K., T.M.W. and K.R. reviewed all comments from the peer reviewers. All COVID-19 Consensus Statement Panel members had the opportunity to review the full draft of the manuscript and provide three rounds of comments through QualtricsXM. Those fulfilling authorship criteria are named (n = 364).